TA3 search needed: D3M configuration not loaded

To load a D3M configuration, please:

  1. Run ta3_search against the runnning container:
    kubectl exec -ti ravens-ta3 --container ta3-main -- ta3_search [path to config file]
    kubectl exec -ti ravens-ta3 --container ta3-main -- ta3_search  /ravens_volume/config_185_baseball.json
  2. Refresh this page

developer info below

D3M configuration not loaded

No D3M configuration information in the database.

To fix this, load the configuration information and REFRESH this page:

  • Integration against a running container
    • docker

      In this example, the container name is ta3-main

      docker exec -ti ta3-main /bin/bash -c 'ta3_search $CONFIG_JSON_PATH'
    • kubernetes

      In this example, the pod is raven-pod1 and the container name is ta3-main.

      kubectl exec  -ti raven-pod1 --container ta3-main -- /bin/bash -c 'ta3_search $CONFIG_JSON_PATH'

      Note: the '-ti' is not needed but gives better formatted output if the config has issues such as inaccessible paths.

      Example where /d3m_test_volume is a mounted volume:

      kubectl exec -ti raven-pod1 --container ta3-main -- /bin/bash -c 'ta3_search /d3m_test_volume/kube_test_d3m.json'
  • Locally through the command line: (3 methods)
    • Give a config file path:
      fab load_d3m_config:(path to config file)
    • Load test data based on local files in the TwoRavens/ravens_volume directory:
      fab make_d3m_config
  • Or via the web interface:

Reference: view D3M configuration info (when it's added!)